pühapäev, november 25, 2007

Kui kaua veel Kasparovit?

Riot police beat and detained opposition leader Garry Kasparov Saturday as they took dozens of protesters into custody at a rally against President Vladimir Putin, his assistant said.

The former chess champion was forced to the ground and beaten, his assistant Marina Litvinovich said in a telephone interview from outside the police station where Kasparov was held.
Associated Press vahendab seda järjekordselt masendavat arengut.

Hiljuti mõtiskles Tyler Cowen selle üle, miks Kasparov veel üldse elus on, mänguteoreetilise nurga alt:
Putin has many would-be enemies. What better retaliation than to do something evil and make it look like Putin is possibly at fault? (That is in fact one theory about the polonium poisonings.) Maybe you think Putin has already signaled credibly that he wouldn't kill Kasparov, but if that is the case then he could in fact turn around and order it done and not take the blame. Either way the equilibrium looks like assassination. The going rate for an assassin simply isn't that high and surely somebody has at least that much at stake in the outcome.
Minu jaoks tundub Venemaa üha rohkem ja rohkem nagu üks suur must auk, mis vaatamata kõigile enda võimalustele ei tasu ära riske, mis nende võimalustega kaasnevad.

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