reede, juuni 15, 2007

Gadi Evron'i lühiintervjuu küberrünnakutest Eestile

Kuna pole kohalikes blogides viidet näinud, siis viitaks A Fistful Of Euros nimelise blogi postitusele Russian Hide-and-Seek with Routers:
So what exactly happened with the allegedly Russian-orchestrated DDOS attack on Estonian Internet interests? Some people have been talking about the first act of “cyberwar” against a sovereign state, others about a bizarre fuss about nothing. AFOE asked Gadi Evron, a world expert on botnets who runs Israel’s CERT and who took part in the international response effort, exactly what was going on.
Intervjuu pole just kõige põhjalikum, kuid midagi annab ikka juurde.